holman employee engagement

The Holman organization fosters a culture in which personal and professional growth flourish. Holman’s growth is a direct result of its people, which is why Holman is committed to the personal and professional development, as well as the overall well-being of its employees. This is evident in several company-wide programs.

Partners In Excellence

This program provides guidance on the direction of the company, while supporting employees’ contributions to Holman’s performance and success using key metrics. Supported by programs, events and celebrations, the program gives the recognition employees deserve for a job well done. Today, the program represents the fabric of Holman’s culture.

Healthier at Holman

The Healthier at Holman program improves the lives of employees by creating a healthy culture that gives access to wellness programs, and rewards those who engage in a healthier lifestyle. The Holman wellness team offers company-wide challenges, group exercise classes and fitness centers. They have healthy options at on-site cafeterias and in vending machines, plus healthy living classes to help employees feel their very best.

Holman University

Holman emphasizes learning. This makes the company stronger, more innovative and better prepared for the challenges of the modern global marketplace. Holman University is a one-of-a-kind, comprehensive global training and development program that helps employees achieve personal and professional goals through Leadership Excellence, Professional Development, and Business Specific courses. The Holman U. Honor Society recognizes those who demonstrate exemplary leadership in the pursuit of learning and development.

Individual Development Plan (IDP)

Holman employees complete an Individual Development Plan (IDP) to guide their careers. With the help of their supervisor, strengths, interests and areas for improvement are all identified. There is a variety of resources to help employees reach their IDP goals, including: 100+ instructor-led courses, 900+ online courses and a variety of free books, DVDs and other resources. Employees can view IDP progress, communicate with managers, or adjust goals using a personalized portal.

Tuition Reimbursement Programs

Enabling a person to continue or advance their education in the classroom is important to Holman. That’s why from day one, every employee is eligible to apply for a tuition reimbursement program.