The Holman Way

For over 90 years, Holman has been guided by key principles and values upheld by the entire organization. It’s the foundation for how Holman conducts business, supports its customers, and the way Holman employees work together every day. It’s the Holman Way.

Our values are the DNA of the Holman organization. They’re the heart of our we conduct ourselves every day — in and out of work.
You’ll feel the culture difference the first time you walk in our doors, a positive atmosphere of caring and mutual respect.
It’s The Holman Way – where people come first and feel valued.

together we do the right thing

Our name stands for transparency, fairness and trust. Every decision we make for employees and clients alike takes ethics into consideration. Will this action benefit the greater good for the most people, in the long term?

together we treat others as we would like to be treated

Our goal is to create Raving Fans, and that counts equally for our coworkers as for our customers. Our people treat each other with trust and respect, enjoy open lines of communication, and bring positive energy to project and client management.

together we are passionate about our work and find new ways to do it better

Our people are encouraged to innovate and always look for a better way to do their jobs. We invest in our people so they can make themselves better, and deliver better results to our clients

together we trust and support each other

People that feel appreciated and energized will deliver the best service to our clients as well as their colleagues. Our Partners In Excellence® program fosters an atmosphere of trust, support, and recognition. Employees participate in a wide variety of engagement activities and receive a bonus based on collective achievement of continuous improvement performance goals.

together we do good for the community

Our founder Steward Holman believed in giving back to the community and pioneered the generosity that has become a company hallmark. Our employees contribute to the annual United Way campaign, spend a paid workday volunteering for the Holman Days of Caring, and sponsor or participate in many charitable activities.